Soils & Sands

No matter what type of planting or play area you need to fill, Kevin’s Landscaping has the soil or sand product to suit you.

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Screened Topsoil


Black sandy loam soil which is great for lawn seeding. Available finely–screened or unscreened.

Screened: $38.00/yard
Unscreened: $29.00/yard

Planting Mix

Planting Mix

Planting Mix is a combination of compost and topsoil. An excellent source for flower beds and gardens.


Play Sand

Play/Mason Sand

Play Sand is washed and screened fine sand. Excellent for play sand boxes and used in construction.


Beach Sand

2NS Sand

2NS Sand is screened and washed coarse sand used for construction.


Slag Sand

Slag Sand

Slag Sand is a good base for pavers and wall construction.


Delivery charge: $50.00 minimum

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