Frequently Asked Questions

Calling for Landscaping Advice

I want to install a new flower bed, what type of soil should I use?

The type of soil we recommend is called Planting Mix. This mixture of topsoil, peat and compost is a wonderful combination for all your planting beds.

Once your beds are planted, add a 3″ to 4″ layer of mulch for weed control, moisture retention, and a pleasing appearance. For an established flower bed, a 2″ layer of fresh, new mulch is ample covering.

How soon will my mulch order be delivered?

We deliver most mulch orders the same day, or the following day.

Can my mulch or soils be dumped in my backyard?

NO! We do not dump anywhere other than on the driveway or street. We do not ever drive our trucks off of your driveway. This prevents damage, both to your yard and to our trucks.

Can you deliver mulch and soils together in one truck load?

No, we aren’t able to do mixed loads because we have no way of separating the products in the truck beds. Even if it were possible to separate them initially, when the load was dumped the mulch and soils would be mixed together.

Do you install & maintain sprinkler systems?

Yes, we install new systems, and we perform spring turn–on & fall winterization. We also offer an annual pre–paid sprinkler system package, which includes turn–on and turn–off. We have experienced technicians ready to install new systems, and repair systems too. Contact us for pricing.